Ink Organization

Let’s talk about ink pads and blending tool organization

The Tim Holtz distressed oxide inks are one of my favorite ink pads brand, so I’d love to share some organization tips with you. I have owned them since the first set came out, I got my first set from Blitsy. And my second set from Simon Says Stamp, but they have been almost forgotten in one of my desk drawers. Now that I started using them again, I thought that was an appropriate time to figure out how to store them in a better place. Instead of them being all over the place or inside of a forgotten drawer.
So, I did a little bit of research looking for ideas on how to store them. Tim Holtz said, (Distress Oxide Ink Pads are okay to store facing up.) After seeing so many great ideas of people using their ink pad racks for storing them, I decided to stack them up one in top of the other. But labeling the name in one of its side to make it easy, I've seen many others using a swatch dot to identify its color.


Mini Ink Blending Tool


Distress Oxide Ink Pads

Then, after making the decision of how to store them. I ordered 2 packs of 12 of the Mini Ink Blending Tools from Amazon. And I labeled them all along with my distress oxide ink pads.


After having a mini ink tool for each of my pads, I started the process of labeling. I used my old but good Letra Tag by Dymo (that I purchased at Target probably 6 years ago) to label every single ink pad and mini ink blending tool.


the way I storage the mini ink blending tools and distress ink pads

Once I was done labeling, I realized that I had it to find a place or way to storage all the mini ink blending tools too. So, I bought a nail polish rack for storing them all, and here is how they look after those steps were followed.


Ink Cubes Storing

Besides loving distress oxides, I love ink cubes which I probably own every single color by the Gina K Designs and some not all by Hero Arts brands. By using different brands can help you to figure out which you like the most.


Gina K Designs


Hero Arts

I found those versatile Utility Boxes at Hobby Lobby, they are adjustable and can be use as 4 or 16 compartments. I decided to use them in this case as 16 compartments as you can see in the pictures above I am storing 32 ink cubes in total for box. Nothing Fancy, but is helping me to keep myself organized, and have the cubes in one place.

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All photography provided by Yasmin Diaz


I am not affiliated or sponsored by any company mentioned here. All products were personally purchased. I am doing this blog with the purpose of sharing organization tips and ideas. The information mentioned here is based in my own opinion. I am not an expert and I only share things, because I LIKE and USE them.